Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dykes, Beer, and Cupcakes

Your girl Liz is a pro-lesbian drinker of beer who also adores cupcakes!

And today was a brilliant day because I incorporated all tree, and all were free!

Let's start with the cupcakes.

Today my company celebrated its anniversary of being a part of a bigger company. HR ordered a bunch of cupcakes from Baked By Melissa. They were seriously mini, and when I say mini I'm talking the size of a quarter. I ate 10, I think, or it could have been more. I am not proud of this but it's the way the proverbial cookie crumbled.

After work, I performed at the show Dykes on Mics at Ochi's Lounge. I was the token straight person. What a novelty! I promoted the show on Facebook, and imagine my surprise when my dear friend Robert from Duke showed up with his adorbs brother Daniel. I hadn't seen Robert in almost 7 years and it was such an amazing surprise and even BETTER when he bought me 2 Brooklyn Lagers!

Now, I am off to bed!

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