Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boston Baked Beans may lead to farts, so when I'm in Boston I eat what's in my parent's fridge


My loyal fans, all 3 of you . . . I dedicate this brilliant comeback column to you! So sorry for the delay, I was back in Boston, er, North Andover for the Memorial Day weekend, and so much time was spent EATING that I haven't had time to eat. I mean write.

Let's begin, shall we?

Friday was the best day because I spent 6 hours on my beloved Fung Wah bus! I made it home alive, so Dad treated me to a beer at Clarke's in South Staion.

Saturday, we went to a family friend's bar mitzvah party. I ate rock candy and drank wine. I also spied on a bunch of 7th graders dancing with each other under a tent. If they got too close, I grabbed the mom to break them up.

Sunday I ran a road race with my mom, dad, and sister Katie in Portsmouth, NH at a BREWERY!
It was 5k and there was free food and BEER after! I ate a wrap from Fresh City, a chicken burrito, cookies, and BEER! Because the portions were small, my fam and I were still starving
so we ate a late lunch at Fat Belly's Grill and Bar in downtown Portsmouth. I ordered wings for the table and a medium rare blue cheese burger for me! And I ate the whole thing!

Monday, we went to a cookout at my Nana's in Rhode Island, though the grill was out of gas so we broiled the burgers in the kitchen. Katie made a great salad and I stole some chocolate chip cookies from the freezer. Then Katie and I took the bus back to New York. We classed it up and took Peter Pan since the Fung Wah does not stop in Providence!

Overall the weekend rocked! Long weekends are fun but let us remember WHY we had Monday off--it was Memorial Day. God bless the brave men and women who gave their lives to defend our country.

Love you all!

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