Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupcakes and Bagels are awesome

Yes, yes, I am getting more witty and literary every day in naming my posts. Just call me Liz Shakespeare.

At any rate, let's begin.

Yesterday I was the team captain for a company-wide initiative to fight hunger in New York City for the not-for-profit City Harvest. I collected donations all day because if anyone knows about the value of food it's me!

My dear co-worker Sharyn gave me a delicious and free cupcake to thank me for my altruistic ways. It was almost too beautiful to eat.

But hell, I ate it anyway.

Then today I noticed a conference room filled with 3 people and a huge basket of bagels. Like they needed all of them. I walked by their room three times to see if they were done yet. Then when I was in a meeting, they put the bagels out. Your girl Liz grabbed an everything with cream cheese. Woohoo!

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