Friday, April 3, 2009

TGI Free Food Friday!

It's Friday night, a quarter to midnight, and what is your girl Liz doing???

Writing in her blog about eating free food! Woohoo!

Well, to be fair, I just got caught up on all my episodes of Tough Love. So I did do something, hehe. And I will admit, if I were a shallow person, I would never eat again based on that show, because then I might not look sexy. Eek. What about being a nerd girl who is smart, compassionate, and can talk a lot about books and reality tv shows? Can't that be sexy? Please?

Well, I know it is so I don't need your validation, thank you very much. Know what else is sexy? Eating!!!

Today was an unusual day in the quest for free food. I joined my coworkers Lynette and Adrienne for lunch at Room Service, a Thai restaurant near our office in Chelsea. On the way over, Adrienne found $10 on the ground, which we all agreed would go towards our lunch fund! I ordered pad thai (so original) with a green salad. Adrienne ordered spicy basil noodles with vegetable dumplings, and Lynette copied me and got pad thai with some other app. All told, our bill came out to be $19.51. Adrienne threw the $10 in, so it ended up only being $5 per person! Woohoo! So while not technically free, lunch was deeply discounted!

We returned to work, and your girl was FULL. But, imagine my delight when I saw leftover cake in the kitchen. You bet I cut myself a piece! And I ate it not long after!

Oh, what a happy Friday!

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