Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Between training for a half marathon, reading John Updike, and watching all my shows, I've been so busy and have not had time to write! But, your girl Liz has certainly had time to eat free food! Let's recap the past few days.

Friday: Work. Yippee skippee! I ate a few pieces of candy from Johnny K's Batman head. Afterwards, I went to a, gasp, "SPRING MULTI-SCHOOL HAPPY HOUR" at Stout featuring Colgate, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory, Princeton, NYU, USC, Vanderbilt, and Yale. It was for young alumni which I am not sure I qualify as anymore, but my friend Jen is class of 2006 from Columbia so I crashed with her. And yes, it was as frat boyish and pretentious and LAME as you can imagine, but they did let NYU in so who knows, hehe. I drank one beer (not free) and then left with my other friend Kristan and we went to Benny's Burritos in the Village for tacos and margaritas, woohoo! Again, not free! Better start Internet dating soon!

Saturday: Woke up and went to a kick ass sports conditioning class at the New York Sports Club in Astoria. I think this is the first time I have EVER taken a class where there were straight men. Wow. Afterwards I returned home and got caught up on some of shows, including Kings which you must all watch. I joined my friend Bethany at the Bohemian Beer Garden around 10 and someone gave me a beer, so that was my free food quotient for the day!

Sunday: I ran 12 miles through Astoria and Roosevelt Island. My ass and legs still ache plus no one fed me any free food! Bahhh! But I did eat McDonald's.

Monday: More candy from the Batman head. And I got a massage!

Today: I hit the jackpot! A caterer came in to present a tasting. I missed it, but they left all the remaining food in the canteen. I filled my plate Chinese buffet-style, where I eat while I'm piling my plate! In this case I dined on 4 cookies, tempura, chicken, pasta salad, and some nifty beef. After work I had Weight Watchers, so I ran 4 miles before my meeting to cancel all the food out. I ended up staying the same weight this week.

All right my loyal readers, thanks for reading!


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