Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving: A Restrospective

Hello all!

Well, what a long weekend it has been! While I am super depressed about returning to work tomorrow, I am thankful for all the free food I ate!

Let's start with Thursday. My sister Katie and her roommate Molly hosted Thanksgiving in their beautiful apartment in Hoboken. Molly and her friends work in the restaurant industry so the food was AMAZING. I ate lots of cool apps and delish turkey and gravy and pies and cookies. Yippee!

Then on Friday my sister and I met our uncles for dinner in Murray Hill. They treated us to a lovely meal at some Italian restaurant. I ate butternut squash soup and a chicken dish. So good!

Saturday I went to my friend Paul's birthday party in Brooklyn. While I didn't eat any free food, I drank lots of free booze!

Today I did my laundry. And cleaned my apartment. Sadly, no free food. Oops!

Love to you all!

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