Monday, November 16, 2009

Separated at Birth: Sam Merlotte and Balloon Dad

Every since Falcon the Balloon Boy was unleashed upon us, I have thought that Papa Richard Heene looked just like somebody but I couldn't place it. Then today I was on imdb and realized that he's Sam Merlotte! He only wishes he was a shape shifter!

So besides recognizing who stars look like, I spent quite a good part of my day eating. Yippee! I met my friend for dinner at Brooklyn Diner. In midtown, of course. We ordered pigs in a blanket, Chinese chicken salad, and mac and cheese. Be aware that these entrees were about $20 each so this is not your grandmother's diner. I also drank 2 glasses of pinot grigio and I was soooooo happy when my friend paid for dinner. Which made it free!

Now I need to go to bed!

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