Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adventures of Being Awesome

It's very tough beging a girl in the city who likes to read free books from the library and eat free food from anywhere. My schedule is busier than Hillary Clinton's, I bet. But, I always find time to write for my people.

Weekends are usually tough for my free food adventures but this weekend was successful. Yesterday a nice Jewish boy bought be a Guinness at a bar on the Upper East Side. Then today my running group had a pizza party so I ate pizza, a piece of a sub sandwich, a black and white cookie, a cream cheese brownie, some M & Ms, and Diet Coke.

I also remembered 2 more foods from my top 10 at Club Med.

7) Beef Wellington
8) chocolate bread

Hopefully I can remember the final 2!

All right, bed time!

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