Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run Liz, run!

Sorry I've been such a slacker of late. Two days without me must be very hard. Well, let's move on, shall we?

Today I ran the NYC Half-Marathon in Manhattan. Nothing like a little 13.1 mile trot in hot heat! I left my apartment at 5:15 in the MORNING. It was still really dark which scared me. But what didn't scare me is the 2 cute boys I saw in the subway who were also running the half marathon! We started talking about running. Then one mentioned his wife (yawn) and the other mentioned his wedding in 4 weeks (are we there yet?). While I was disappointed that 2 cute boys were off the market, it was nice to meet nice people in the nabe who might have friends, hehe.

I met my friends Lori and Lindsay, two fabbbbulous sisters, in the corral. Once the race began, those 2 wild and crazy girls pulled ahead of me, as they are faster! Imagine my delight, however, when during mile 2 the hot boys from the subway passed me and said hello Liz!

After the race, Lori, Lindsay, and I met my sister Katie on the Upper East Side for brunch. It doesn't matter what I ate because I paid for it myself. Boo. Lori then drove us to her grandfather's pool club in Long Island. I left my money in her grandpa's house, and I tricked my sister into buying me a Rocket Pop and a pretzel, insisting that I'd pay her back. Not!

After spending all afternoon by the pool, we stopped back at the house to use the bathroom. Lori's very active dad, who had just sadly lost in the semi-finals of the pool club's badminton tournament, offered me Wise Deli potato chips. I took a handful since they were free!

Now I need to go to bed as I have been up since 4am!!!


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