Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's the God's Honest truTV


I'm telling you the 30s have have been awesome so far! I am breaking new records every day in my quest for free food. Today was no different.

At work I ate another slice of the cake that my coworkers bought for me yesterday. Then afterwards I met a gentleman for dinner (also known as a date! I know, I'm shocked too!)at JJ's Fusion in Astoria. We ordered squid, miso soup, sake, and some kind of sushi roll. Absolutely divine--and free!--as my date picked up the tab.

Afterwards I walked back to my apartment. I stopped in CVS to buy a birthday card. On my way out I noticed a camera crew from truTV. Turns out they were filming promos for the new season of the beloved classic Operation Repo. While I am still mourning the cancellation of my favorite truTV show, Rich & Reckless, hosted by investigative reporter and perennial bad ass Mark Ebner:

So that's how the cookie crumbled, and it was delicious!

I am a fame whore who will do anything to be on tv! So I signed the release and snarked on Operation Repo.

Afterwards the field producer gave me a beautiful truTV hooded sweatshirt. As in free!

So today I scored free cake, free sushi, and free clothes. Woohoo!

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