Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's a Nice day for a White Wedding . . .

Or any kind of wedding for that matter, because usually weddings involve free food and booze! Which is a good thing for a lover of free food like me!

Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. See, I have not written in a few days because I have been so busy gallivanting all over the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts. I'm a jet-set traveller, though I travel by Fung Wah bus!

It all started Thursday night when I actually high-classed it and took the AMTRAK from New York to Boston. It made local stops but I still felt like a high roller. My parents were late in picking me up at South Station in Boston because they stopped at the 99 in North Andover. Yeah, I was jealous and pissed too. How dare they? I could have really gone for some Gold Fever Wings! But do you think they were thinking of me?

Nope, they they were thinking of this guy who flew in from Nashville with his lovely girlfriend:

Two beers please!

Yes, my parents' favorite child Andrew was in town and he didn't want to wait for me to go to the 9s. Bastard.

So my parents pick me up and we return to the finest town in all of the Merrimack Valley, North Andover! Even though my whole family is on Weight Watchers, my parents still keep a well-stocked fridge and freezer, so I ate lots of homemade chocolate chip cookies, Weight Watcher latte bars, and hummus.

I went to bed early because the next morning my dad and I ran 18 miles. Woohoo!

That evening, we all attended a super awesome wedding to celebrate the union of Tommy and Karen Nigrelli! The Simons clan has been friends with the Nigrelli clan since Laurie Nigrelli (now Frucce) and I were in kindergarten together 25 years ago. While I love the family for their awesomeness, I also love them because they are Italian and appreciate food and booze as much as I do! So needless to say the wine, chicken piccata, and cake I ate were delish!

The next day I was not as hungover as I thought I would be. Andrew, his girlfriend Kristin, Laurie's husband Jon and I all went to perhaps the greatest restaurant in the history of mankind, Harrison's Roast Beef. My father slipped me a $10 bill so this counts as free.

I could write a whole book on Harrison's, but let me just cut to the chase. Harrison's is a North Andover institution where high school jocks, parents, and Valley expats like myself eat. When I was in high school, I was in the drama club so was I not cool enough to come. Now, I just don't care. You are almost always guaranteed to see at least 3 people you went to high school with (or their parents!) and this time was no different. I ordered a medium sandwich with sauce and (horse)radish as well as a large fries and Diet Pepsi. So so good. There are no words.

Then today I ate a couple of free chocolate chip cookies for breakfast (don't tell my mom!) and then my father drove me to South Station so I could catch the Fung Wah. Woohoo!

Overall, an excellent weekend! So good to see the 'rents, my bro, his gf Kristin, the Nigrelli fam, and many more!

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