Monday, August 10, 2009

The Birthday continues!

Hello peeps!

Wow, this was QUITE a day for free food! First of all, Johnny K was back from vacation so his Batman head was restocked. I celebrated by eating a Storck Chocolate Riesen and a Mr. Goodbar.

At 1pm, Lenny's Catering came in to feed my department for free! See, I had dropped off my business card at their Upper East Side location a couple months ago, and they chose moi to win a free lunch. So today their rep Julie came to feed us. She brought a tray of sandwiches, mozzarella salad, regular salad, a pasta dish, fruit salad, and a tray of desserts. Needless to say I tried some of everything! Then afterwards my boss Torrey brought me out an awesome cake, which declared "Liz is 30!" Amen to that!

So, already the day was a-okay in my book. But it got BETTER. My dear friend and colleague Dan gave me a gift certificate to Itunes. While not food, it is still awesome!

Then at 5pm, my bigwigs at my office brought out a giant cake and champagne not for my birthday but to celebrate a work milestone. I ate a huge piece of cake and drank 3 glasses of champagne. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the gym!

This Monday capped off a fantastic birthday week. While what I really wanted was one night with Terry Bellefleur from True Blood:

I look confused because I want Liz and can't find her. And I went to Iraq.

I instead got this:

and this:

I do need a place to put my toiletries and I should solicit help from Patti Stanger, a third generation matchmaker, so these are probably way more functional presents and I love them very much!

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