Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liz Simons is a member of PETA . . .

People Eating Tasty Animals, that is!

Every day I thank God for making animals taste so good! Last night I picked out a bunch of recipes I wanted to try, and today I shopped for the necessary ingredients. I needed to buy pork tenderloin, so I went into the new meat shop in my office building (meat shop? I guess I mean butcher's???).

Anyway, I asked the man at the corner for half a pound of pork tenderloin, and he nodded his head towards the really hot guy who is actually cutting the meat. "Yo, we have tenderloin, right?"

The really hot guy replied that yes, they do, have pork tenderloin and he proceeded to cut me a piece.

Naturally, my mind was going in a thousand different directions and I almost said, "I just love meat!" Whcih really is true but I knew I'd slip and probably say "I just love sausage!" and then I'd feel like a bad Catholic and I would never be able to go into the butcher's shop again!

So while my meat was not free, it was an adventure!

I did manage to eat three pieces of free candy. Yeah!

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