Saturday, September 26, 2009

Run girl run!!!

I am running a marathon in 4 weeks and I have given up booze till then. Which blows in many ways but I'm also making wiser choices in what I eat, woohoo!

Today, for example, I went jogging with my sister's running group in Hoboken. Afterwards, we went to a brunch at the captain's apartment. There were bagels, prosciutto, champagne, and COOKIES! All free and all tasty.

So, I ate half a bagel with a smidgen of cream cheese, fresh mozzarella, a tomato, all capped off with prosciutto. I felt like a Jewish Italian. If only there had been lox!

I abstained from the champagne and only ate half a cookie. I drank about 5 cups of coffee.

Yeah for smart choices!

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