Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Books and Food, my favorite things!

This will be short and sweet. Just like Gary Coleman would be if he were dipped in Fun Dip.

Shall we proceed?

So today I attended the end of the year program for the high school mentoring program in which I participate. We met in the library of the high school.

So many of you 8 readers of mine know I am a huge book worm. For the past 5 years I've read at least a book a week. And as you can imagine, as a person who likes free food, I also like free books so I spend a lot of time at my beloved New York Public Library. I truly believe libraries are our greatest civic institution . . . I call it the "Good Will Hunting Effect" in that, insert soapbox here, you can learn anything you want by going to your local library and taking out books for free. The information is accessible to all, not just Harvard grad students with douchey ponytails:

It's not your fault.

So, I go to this super old school high school library, with World Encyclopedias and books by Murakami and Ishiguro and Naipul and I'm salivating and so impressed with what these public high school students get to read, though I would recommend holding off Murakami till college because he's freaky deaky (who here has read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and could actually handle that, er, peeling scene?).

The books were cool, but so was the food we got to eat, in a high school banquet kind of way! I ate Cheez Puffs, rice and beans, chicken, some casserole dish, and cake! All free, all awesome.

Okay, so maybe this wasn't so short. But it was sweet, so kind of like Willis dipped in Fun Dip!

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