Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's travel back in time

I know it's been FOREVER and you've really, really missed me. My life has been in disarray. I've had many parties to attend and Weight Watchers unveiled a brand new plan so it has been a tumultuous time! But let's review, shall we?

Today: I did a bit of foraging. My coworker Andrea brought in cupcakes. I ate one.

Yesterday, Sunday: I woke up at noon. I watched 5 hours of tv. I discovered that I had no hot water. I knocked on my neighbor's door. She didn't have hot water either, but she DID have homemade brownies (from a mix). I ate one.

Saturday: My sister's roommate Molly took me out to dinner, along with my sister Katie and a couple of Molly's friends. We went to the Tribeca Grill. No Robert sightings, but I did get a sighting--and taste--of really good free food. I ate a jumbo crabcake, braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, spinach, creme brulee, a pear cake, and chocolate cake. Yeah, I was hungry. Judge me. I also drank red wine, champagne, and coffee. Being free made it taste better, for sure.

Friday: This was a night to end nights. First, my dentist had a holiday open house. I was DYING to go because what the heck will a dentist serve at an open house??? Either sugar free mints or conversely salt water taffy that gets stuck in your teeth so you need more cleanings! I decided to stop by for a half hour before I went to my friend Paul's comedy show at UCB. I figured no one would be there, I'd get a snack and a cocktail, and I'd be on my merry way.

Well, how WRONG I was. The dentist open house was packed. And as my dentist is in Chelsea there was a large population of foreign, tall, gay men.

And cocktails and food!

I went to pour myself champagne, and this woman grabbed the bottle from me. "I'll get that for you."

Okay cool! Pour away!

The office was cramped and it was hard to move around, but I did manage to snap a couple pictures of the food selection. Call me Captain Courageous.


So, half healthy!

All right, I am tired. Yawn.

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