Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!

Your girl Liz has been very, very stressed lately. Sure, work has been busy, but what's been really making me crazy is that I'm so behind on all my shows. I have been DVRing Rubicon because I ADORE James Badge Dale after his turn as Robert Leckie on HBO's The Pacific, but it was waaaaaay too conspiracy theory and confusing for me.
So I gave it up and deleted 5 episodes from my DVR. I felt like I was clearing out my digital hoard, which is what I like to do when Hoarders is back on air--and I'm 2 episodes behind on that show. Eek! Life is hard!

So to relieve the absolute HORROR that is my life I have been eating lots of free desserts! And what an amazing coincidence that today was Free Dessert Day to celebrate the premiere of Bravo's new show Top Chef: Just Desserts! Hundred of restaurants and bakeries (I'm making this # up, could have been more, could have been less, I'm too lazy to fact check. This is a one woman operation here children! I don't have any interns!) throughout the city offered free sweets to salivating citizens. Like the alliteration, eh? I grabbed a couple wimpy brownie pieces from a place near my office but the BEST part was that from 6 to 8pm a dessert TRUCK was parked outside my building. So at 6:15 I packed up my bag at the office so I could go to the gym. I figured I'd stop at the truck on the way and grab a mini cupcake or whatever they were offering. My expectations were not high.

Bur just like TLC ain't too proud to beg, I ain't too proud to admit that I was WRONG. I got in line to wait for my free dessert. But while I was waiting someone offered me a Godiva chocolate! And then another lady offered me a Billy's Bakery yellow cake cupcake with green frosting. Billy's is my FAVORITE and I could eat a vat of their icing with a spoon. Or just my tongue. Another woman pushed a big ass chocolate chip cookie in my hand, and then the Billy's Bakery cupcake lady came back over with banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Just a little snack before dinner!

Remember, I was on my way to the gym.

I finally get to the front of the line. The kind lady in the truck asked what kind of Godiva truffle I wanted--I selected a carrot cake one (by accident I should add, I'm not a big carrot cake person but heck if it's free I'll eat it!)--and then she said I could have a cup of Breyer's ice cream--I chose coffee brownie chunk. I could have even had a THIRD cupcake but my hands were a little full so I passed.

I decided that going to the gym probably wouldn't be a good idea. So I returned to my office, dropped off my desserts, and changed into my workout clothes in the bathroom. I then ran 6 miles outside. When I finally got home, I ate my banana cupcake! Sooooo amazing! You would never know there was fruit in it!

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