Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Long Weekend in Review, North Andover Style

Wow, what a good-looking family! I wonder what their last name is? Could it be Simons? Could the girl second from left in the black and white dress be named Liz??? As in is that me??? Why, yes, it is!

That picture is from 3 months ago when I went to my cousin Claire's amaaaaaazing wedding. We sure clean up nice! This weekend I also spent time with my family, except for that tall goof Andrew. He remained in Nashvegas, TN where he is an aspiring musician. Check out his music!

At any rate the best part of visiting my parents is that they feed me lots of free food. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Friday: I took the ever so classy Bolt Bus from NY to Boston. Upon exiting the bus, I took the T to Back Bay station where I met my dad for lunch at Viga. Guess who was buying??? I'll give you a hint: it was not me! So anyway, I ordered a Bari hot wrap, which consists of chicken, cukes, peanuts, rice, sauce . . . it's super Asian influenced.

After lunch my dad returned to his office and I walked around the city. Since I am an adult, my dad did NOT give me a stash of cash and say to me, "Spend this on what you like." So, I bought my OWN candy at Sugar Heaven (gourmet mints, nonpareils, and chocolate covered cookie dough balls and espresso beans) and my own ice cream at JP Licks (mint chip fro yo).

We were supposed to go to the Red Sox game that night, but due to the wimpy Hurrican Early, the game was postponed till Saturday at 1pm. So my dad and I drove back to the greatest town in all of the Merrimack Valley and met my mom and sister for pizza at Stachey's. Pops was paying again for this round. We ordered a half mushroom and half meat lovers pizza and a couple of salads. And a bottle of wine. Yum!

Saturday: Red Sox game! My whole family, sans the rock n roller Andrew Simons, met a couple friends for the game at Boston Beer Works. My friend Tom bought me a stout, and then we went to watch the game. The Sox lost, but I did drink a couple free beers and iced coffee, so there you go!

After the game, my dad took us all out dinner at the Washington Square Tavern in Brookline. I used to come here all the time when I lived in Boston and it did not disappoint! Cute boys, good food, good beer! I ordered gnocchi, wine, and beer! Yippie!

After an awesome day in Beantown, we returned to the mecca that is North Andover. But not before stopping at the greatest ice cream place in the WORLD. That's right, I'm talking about you Benson's! Benson's is located in Boxford, which is home to a lot of trees and a cool old school general store. That's about it. But it's beautiful! I ordered coffee chip frozen yogurt. Which makes me sound way too healthy and conscientious. I just happen to like the taste!

At any rate, got to take a break from writing. Time for lunch!

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