Thursday, April 8, 2010

Come and knock on my door . . .

Hello peeps!

So sorry I missed out on regaling you with my free food adventures yesterday. Your girl Liz had a busy day at work and improv. I even ate three Marshmallow Peeps, courtesy of my girl Casey. Thanks boo!

Today was a slightly more relaxing day. Work was hectic but when isn't it? I am so important so it's only natural that I am busy. Just call me Important Liz! In addition to being Important Liz, I am also Cake-Loving Liz, so imagine my pleasant surprise when a colleague's wife brought him in birthday cake??? Delicious, rich chocolate cake. I ate a slice. After work I ran 5 miles so we're all good.

Came home and watched Intervention. And then guess who came to my apartment? 5 members of FDNY!!! And I didn't even have to pay $30! Woohoo! Well, actually they came to my neighbor's apartment because her carbon monoxide alarm accidentally went off. I just peaked my head out into the hallway when the firemen came to our building. I tried to look all sexy but that's pretty hard when you're wearing non sexy pajamas. D'oh!

All right, bedtime now!

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