Tuesday, April 6, 2010

C is for Cookie!

Hey all! Well, yesterday I had to end our conversation early because I had to watch Duke beat Butler in the NCAA national championship. The Blue Devils had done won the championship since I had last set foot on the campus as a student waaaaay back in 2001, so this was an awesome victory. I STILL can't believe I didn't do a bracket this year! Boo!

Before we get back to my firemen singles party story, let me just tell you I might have met my soul mate today. See, it was a really beautiful day but since I am so important and busy I didn't have time to take a lunch break, so instead I took 10 minutes to walk around the block. As I was crossing the street to return to my office, I noticed a young man sitting on an inflatable couch in the pedestrian concrete island in the middle of the street. He was handing out free chocolate chip cookies! And business cards promoting his website. How very New York of him. I bet he lives in Williamsburg, and is unemployed and trying to get a book published based on his witty blog (I was partially right--according to his website he lives in Brooklyn but hell it could be Bed Stuy for all I know, and he's a musician). Imagine--a man distributing FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES in front of my office!!! Is this fate or is this fate? I call fate! But--I had to grab a cookie and run since I am so important. Also noticed on his website that he looks to be wearing a wedding ring, and your girl Liz is no Angelina Jolie. What, too soon?

Now let's talk about the Firemen Party. Again.

When we left off, I had ordered a Guinness, eaten a Jolly Rancher, and tried to mingle. I figured, men like sports, let's talk about the Final Four!

Liz to a firemen, one of 10 there: So who do you think is going to win the tournament?

Firemen: Wow that's a loaded question. I like to tan!

Which brings me to my next point . . . firemen really like to go tanning. As more firemen trickled in, I noticed that A) they go tanning B) they're all Catholic and wear huge tricked out crosses C) they like Celtic and Chinese symbol tats on their arms. Oh, and they like to hang out in packs near stripper poles to show off their skillz to their bros. Well, that last part happened at R Bar. All of New York's Bravest, who coincidentally all looked like Jersey Shore rejects, were more impressed with themselves than they were with any of us lasses. My friend Meghan and I, tired of all the Guidos, said F this, we'll just have a few drinks and dance by ourselves. Which we did!

I left with my dignity intact, though one older firemen told me he liked the way I danced to Empire State of Mind. Eek. No numbers though. I'll just have to hang out in my own nabe in Astoria. We have lots of cops and firemen!

Off to bed now!

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