Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am a forTUNAte human being

I count my blessings every day. Today there were 2. Well, three.

See, I ate a free tuna sandwich leftover from a sales meeting. It had pimientos in it which I normally hate but your girl Liz was HUNGRY so I pretended they weren't there. So that's blessing # 1.

Then Blessings # 2 and 3 came when one of our vendors shipped us Crumbs cupcakes. I immediately ate a basic yellow cake with white frosting. Later on in the afternoon I noticed that there were still a few cupcakes left. So I cut half a red velvet cupcake and ate. An hour after that, I noticed there was half a chocolate cupcake left, so I finished it. Final score--2 cupcakes.

Now I am going to bed!

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