Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh What a Night!

Your girl Liz partied like a regular old freshman in COLLEGE this weekend! I might be in my 30s but I still got it in me!

Saturday I went ice skating in Central Park, and I got a free hot dog. Woohoo! After a little bit of a bumpy start, I skated like a pro. Dorothy Hammill better resurrect Ice Capades because I seek employment there!

Then late that night I went out to the Lower East Side for my friend Meghan's b-day. Normally this would be cool, but I'm in the midst of reading Lush Life by Richard Price, which is centered around a murder on the Lower East Side! Yeah!

We met at Rewind at midnight, and I ordered 2 Bud Lights, one for me and one for Meghan. They were a whopping $7 each. I opened a tab on my credit card. Later on, my sister and a random guy each bought me another Bud Light. Free booze! However, when I went to close out my tab they charged me $20 instead of $14. It was crowded and your normally cheap Liz decided to let it go and instead gave a crappy tip. Hey, I still came out ahead!

Now I need to go to bed. Kisses for everyone!

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